It takes only a few steps to buy crypto with your bank card on CoinStats. You can buy crypto with Fiat both on the CoinStats webpage and mobile app.


Follow the below steps to proceed on the CoinStats web:

  1. Open the CoinStats webpage

  2. Go to the Cryptocurrencies tab from the upper menu bar and select the coin you wish to buy

  3. Click the Buy Crypto button

  4. Choose a portfolio or add a wallet address to deposit funds

  5. Select the provider (MoonPay or Mercuryo)

  6. Set up the payment method

  7. Proceed with the payment

    And it's done!


Now let's check the same process on the mobile app:

1. Open the mobile app.

2. Search the crypto you wish to buy. Then click on the Swap button.

3. Choose the Buy with bank card option.

4. Choose the preferred third-party provider and the currency. Enter the amount you wish to invest. Then click on the Continue button.

5. It will lead you to the provider's web page. Fill in your email address to proceed with the payment.

Awesome! Now you have purchased crypto using your bank card. ๐Ÿš€

Please contact us at [email protected] email address if you have any further questions ๐Ÿงก

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