One of the ways to upload your portfolio to CoinStats is to upload it with CSV. If your CSV format is not supported, you can always bring it to match the CoinStats CSV template which you can download here.

All the colums on the template are self explanotary except the Type column.

Here are all the possible transaction types our template currently supports.

buy: "Buy",
sell: "Sell",
withdraw: 'Withdraw',
deposit: 'Deposit',
interest_paid: "Interest Paid",
interest_earn: 'Interest Earn',
balance: 'Fill',
fee: 'Fee',
reward: 'Reward',
roll_in: "Roll In",
roll_out: "Roll Out",
loan: "Loan",
repay: "Repay",
realised_profit: "Realised Profit",
realised_loss: "Realised Loss",
unrealised_profit: "Unrealised Profit",
unrealised_loss: "Unrealised Loss",
welcome_bonus: "Welcome Bonus",
referral_cashback: "Referral Cashback",
buy_with_fiat: "Buy With Fiat",
sell_to_fiat: "Sell to Fiat",
transfer: 'Transfer',
liquidation: "Liquidation",
dividend: "Dividend",
referral_award: "Referral reward",

Feel free to reach us out at [email protected] if you have more questions.

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