Login to your OKEX account and hover over your profile icon on the top right and select API from the dropdown list.

Then, click on the Create V5 API Key button.


When creating a API Key the button "Create V5 API Key" marked with red rectangle in the screenshot above can be unavailable, instead there can be just " + " button.

Don't let that confuse you, click on " + " an error message "API trading is not available yet, coming soon" will be shown, go back to the previous page and the "Create V5 API Key" will appear, click on it and continue setting up API Key.

Now, Label Your API Key with any label you'd like to (we recommend using a separate API Key for each service you use and label them accordingly), input the Passphrase, 2FA code, and click Confirm.

It will take you to your API page. Click View under the Action column.

Input the Passphrase and 2FA code/Google Authenticator code once again. It will show your API key and Secret Key.

Now go to the CoinStats app -> Portfolio tab, swipe far to the right, and click Connect Exchange.

Select OKEX from the list and paste your API Key, API Secret, and Passphrase.

After clicking Submit you will see your OKEX portfolio synced with the CoinStats app.

Refer to support in case of further questions. Hope you'll enjoy!

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