CoinStats shows Profit/Loss in multiple places over the app and the website:

  • Total Portfolio Profit/Loss

  • Combined Profit/Loss for all of your portfolios (all assets view)

  • Profit/Loss for each coin

Total Portfolio Profit/Loss

We use different methods to calculate your Total Portfolio Profit/Loss depending on your selected time range.

If you have selected anything from 24h to 1 year, we simply calculate your total profit loss by comparing the first number in your portfolio chart to the current number.

If you select ALL on the chart, we calculate your total portfolio profit/loss by considering all your transactions of all of your coins.

Combined Profit/Loss for All of your portfolios

In this case, we take the profit/loss of each of your portfolios and add them up to determine your total profit/loss number for all of them.

Profit/Loss for each coin

For calculating your profit/loss for each coin, we consider all of your transactions for that coin based on the Profit Loss Option you have selected.

What to do if Profit/Loss is wrong?

Most of the time, it will mean your transactions are not constructed the way you expect them to be, no matter if you added them manually, imported them from an exchange, or synced them with an exchange.

If your Total Portfolio Profit/Loss is wrong, check the profit losses for each coin. If you notice something wrong there, go to transactions of that coin to find what is wrong.

Unfortunately, there are dozens of limitations when connecting exchange accounts, and there may be cases when imported prices aren't correct, or the CoinStats system wasn't able to import all of your transactions.

In that case, we'd suggest manually editing the prices of the imported transactions.

Feel free to contact us from the in-app chat or at [email protected] in case you have any questions. 🧡


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