What are custom coins?

Sometimes, it might be the case that the coin you want to add to your portfolio is not listed in CoinStats. In such cases, you'll need to add the coin as a Custom Coin.

How to add?

In order to add a custom coin to your portfolio, you'll need to go to the Portfolio Tracker page, click on the manually added portfolio in which you want to add the coin, then click Add Transaction, then, in the Coin box search for Custom Coin, and click on it.

When adding a custom coin, it is important to understand what Price, Invested, and Bought fields stand for.

Price: the price of the coin with which it was purchased

Invested: the amount of coins you have used to purchase custom coins

Bought: the quantity of the custom coin that you've purchased.

Please refer to the below-mentioned example:

In this case, $2,000 Price is the price of ETH, 1 is the amount of ETH invested, and 1,000 is the amount of SHK bought.

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