TrustWallet is probably the most popular non-custodial wallet in the crypto-market and is widely used by CoinStats customers. Đ¢his article will help you to connect TrustWallet app on your phone. Let's start with these simple steps:

  1. Go to "Connect Wallet/Exchange"

  2. Select "TrustWallet"

  3. Select "AUTOCONNECT" option and tap "CONNECT"

  4. Give permissions on TrustWallet. Note, that CoinStats only requests view permissions.

Once done CoinStats will be able ETH and ERC20 tokens from your TrustWallet app. Right now we are working on enabling connecting more blockchains via autoconnection(WalletConnect) option. Nevertheless you can add other blockchains(BTC, LTC, SOL) manually and track your assets, here's what you need to do:

  1. Go to "My portfolios" section

  2. Select "TrustWallet"

  3. Click on "CONNECT TRUST WALLET" button

  4. Go to "Manual" section and click on "cryptocurrency"

  5. Select the desired cryptocurrency from the dropdown menu (BTC in this example)

  6. Copy paste your blockchain address and tap "SUBMIT"

Once done, you'll be able to track BTC + ETH/ERC20 tokens(added by default lately) assets under TrustWallet portfolio:

Following these simple steps, you can add all the blockchains to track your assets accordingly such as BCH, SOL, BSC and etc.

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