Many users prefer to store crypto on different custodial or non custodial wallet, CoinStats has made possible to track your assets on all the supported blockchain by introducing custom wallet feature. Here's how it works:

  1. Tap "Connect other"

  2. Type "custom wallet"

  3. Tap on "Cryptocurrency" tab to select the network, where your assets are located(we chose BTC for this example)

  4. Copy paste the blockchain address or scan the QR code

  5. Hit "Submit"

Congratulation! Your custom wallet is added. However, you can add more blockchains in the same custom wallet, here's how it works

  1. Select "Custom Wallet" from the "Manage Portfolios" section


  3. Tap on "Cryptocurrency" tab to select a network and copy paste the blockchain address, you'd like to track as described in the previous paragraph

You can add multiple custom wallets and name them accordingly "Custodial wallet", "Non Custodial wallet" or etc.

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