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When Do I Get Pump Notifications?
When Do I Get Pump Notifications?

In this article, you'll learn how pump notifications work and how to enable them.

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Pump notifications will notify you if a coin had significant growth (around 50%) during a short period (about 1 hour).

You can enable these notifications both for our mobile app and our website. Simply go to the Alerts section and turn on Pump Notifications.

Please note that you will receive the Pump notification only if all these parameters are in place simultaneously 👇🏻

  • It is enabled from the app and not disabled from the phone or web browser

  • Price change for the coin is greater or equal to 50%

  • Price change for the coin is less than or equal to 500% (note: because of fake pumps to shill)

  • The coin is in the top 500 by rank

  • Coin volume exceeds USD 100.000



Feel free to reach us at for further assistance. 🧡

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