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How to Connect Your HitBTC Account to CoinStats?
How to Connect Your HitBTC Account to CoinStats?

In this article you can find detailed steps on how to get your HitBTC account API keys and add them to CoinStats app.

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To connect your HitBTC account, log in to your HitBTC account and click Settings.

Open the API keys tab. Then, tap on the New API key button to generate a new key. A window will appear with your API key and Secret key.
Please note that the API Secret Key will only be shown once at that time; you will not be able to retrieve it once you close the window. Make sure to copy the Secret key and keep it in a safe place!

Make sure your API key Status is ON. Give access to the Order book, History, and Trading balance.

Now go to your CoinStats account.


Once you are on the CoinStats website, go to the Portfolio Tracker page and click on Connect Portfolio button. Β 

Search for HitBTC and paste your API Key and API Secret. After clicking Connect you will see your HitBTC portfolio synced with the CoinStats app.


Open the app on your mobile device. Now select the Portfolio tab and click on the add button (plus symbol) to add a portfolio.

Choose Connect Other option and search for HitBTC.

Paste your API Key and API Secret and click the Submit button.

And that's it! You will now see your HitBTC account connected to CoinStats!

Don't hesitate to reach us at for further assistance! πŸš€

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