It takes a few easy steps to locate the 'Buy crypto with Fiat' feature on the app/web. They are listed as follows:

First, use CoinStats' intuitive crypto index to search the token you wish to purchase. Second, tap on the token-name. Lets assumed its Bitcoin. Third, you will find a 'Trade Bitcoin' option in the CoinStats' Bitcoin dashboard in mobile and 'Buy Bitcoin' option in web. Tap on it.



Fourth, CoinStats will respond to your query with two options: Buy Bitcoin and Sell Bitcoin. Tap on Buy Bitcoin.

Fifth, if you wish to purchase directly from the listed exchanges, then tap on your preference. Meanwhile, CoinStats' new buying feature will be able right at the top. It says 'Buy with Fiat.' Tap on it.

Sixth and last, select your preferred mode of payment among the three diverse options.

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