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With CoinStats, you can significantly increase your product's acquisition rates, as the ads are going to be seen by 800K+ monthly active CoinStats users for both Web and Mobile. Below we’ll show you how you can advertise your product on CoinStats.

1. You can add 2 kinds of top banners to the website. When tapping on it, the user is navigated to your page. The difference between these two is that the first one includes pictures and the second one contains only text.

2. As mentioned above the second version includes only a text, but it is static, so when the user scrolls down the page the advertisement still appears. One more plus is that it can be put on the portfolio page as well.

Here is how it looks like on mobile apps:

3. One more awesome advertisement option is having on the Live Price page between the coins. So when the user scrolls the coins' list, one will be able to see your advertisement. It can appear as a whole banner.

And as the one with a call to action button.

It looks like this on mobile.

4. The next way is for the ones who want to promote their coin. Due to the "promoted" feature now you can see your coin among the top 10 coins.

Here is the mobile version.

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