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How to Hide Zero and Small Balance Coins From Your Portfolio?
How to Hide Zero and Small Balance Coins From Your Portfolio?

In this article, you will learn how to hide zero and small balance coins from your portfolio.

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In case you don't want to see coins with zero or small balances (smaller than $1) in your portfolio, you can hide those coins by following the steps below for web and mobile versions. πŸ‘‡


  • Go to your Portfolio Tracker

  • Under your portfolios list, you will find the Portfolio Settings button; click on it.

  • The Portfolio Settings window will pop up, and from there, enable the Hide Small Balances option.

The small balance coins are now hidden in your portfolio!


  • Click on the More tab from the bottom right corner

  • Choose Settings

  • Enable Hide Small Balances.

You may also see coins in your portfolio with no price or information. Most of the time these are the coins which you have in your wallet / exchange account but which are not supported by the app (example in the below screenshot).

In case you wish to hide them from your portfolio, please follow the instructions mentioned in this article.

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