Sometimes, it might be the case that the coin you want to add to your portfolio is not listed in CoinStats. In such cases, you'll need to add the coin as a Custom Coin.

Please note that this feature is only for manual portfolios and you can't add/edit a Custom Coin in your auto-synced portfolios.

In order to add a custom coin to your portfolio, follow the instructions below.


  • Go to the Portfolio Tracker tab

  • Select a Manual Portfolio where you want to add a coin

  • Click on the Add Transaction button

  • In the coin's tab, search for a Custom Coin

When adding a custom coin, it is important to understand what Price, Invested, and Bought fields stand for.

- Price: The price of the coin with which it was purchased

- Invested: The amount of coins you have used to purchase custom coins

- Bought: The quantity of the custom coin that you've purchased.

Please refer to the below-mentioned example:

In this case, $100 Price is the price of CS, 1000 is the amount of USD invested, and 10 is the amount of CS bought.

Fill in all required fields and click Save.


  • Go to the Portfolio tab

  • Select the Manual portfolio where you want to add a coin

  • Scroll down and click Add Transaction

  • Search for a Custom Coin and click Add a Custom Coin

  • Fill all required fields and click Add

That's it! πŸš€

In case you have any questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

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