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How to Track Your NFTs on CoinStats?
How to Track Your NFTs on CoinStats?

In this article, you'll find detailed steps on how to add and track your NFTs on your CoinStats account.

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Currently, CoinStats supports NFTs for the Ethereum network.

To track your NFTs in the CoinStats app, follow the steps below. πŸ‘‡


  • Choose your ETH wallet

  • Paste your wallet address and click Connect button.

To see your NFTs go to your portfolio tracker and click on the NFT tab.


If you wish to see more information, click on the specific NFT.


After connecting the wallet where you hold an NFT, follow these steps: πŸ‘‡

  • Go to the Portfolio tab.

  • Choose the portfolio where you hold the NFT

  • Click on the NFT tab

  • Tap on your NFT to see more information about it.

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