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How to Import a Private Key to the CoinStats Wallet
How to Import a Private Key to the CoinStats Wallet

In this article, you will find detailed instructions on importing your Private Key to the CoinStats wallet.

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A private key is like a password β€” a string of letters and numbers β€” that allows you to access and manage your crypto funds.

Cryptocurrency is controlled through a set of digital keys and addresses, representing ownership and control of virtual tokens. Anyone can deposit bitcoin or other tokens in any public address. But even though a user has tokens deposited into their address, they won’t be able to withdraw them without the unique private key.

Now, you can export your Private Key from your Metamask or any wallet that supports this functionality.

Here are some tips on exporting Private Key from the MetaMask wallet. πŸ‘‡


  1. Open the MetaMask extension

  2. Click on the identicon in the top right

  3. Select the account you'd like to export

  4. On the account page, click on the menu (three dots) in the upper right corner and then on the Account Details button

  5. Click Export Private Key

  6. To access your private key, you'll now need to enter your wallet password. Once you've done so, click Confirm to proceed

  7. Your private key will now be revealed. Click to copy it, and save it somewhere safe

  8. Click Done to close the screen.

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    Now, let's move on CoinStats and see how to import your Private Key on our platform.

    • Open the app

    • Navigate to the CS wallet tab

    • Tap on the Import Wallet button

    • Enter the Private Key

    • Tap on the Import button.

Done, your wallet is connected!

Please contact us via email address if you have any further questions.🧑

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