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In this article, you will discover what a portfolio watchlist is and how to make one.

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The Portfolio Watchlist allows you to add and track wallets of interest apart from your portfolios.

Follow the below steps to add a wallet to your watchlist:

  1. Open the Portfolio tab and click add portfolio button in the upper left corner.

  2. Paste the wallet address or the domain name.

  3. Choose Add Wallet to Watchlist option.

Done! The wallet is added to the watchlist.

To shift the view from Portfolio to Watchlist and vice versa, click the portfolio icon on the top corner on the right. You can also add a new portfolio from there.

You can also move wallets between the Watchlist and Portfolios tabs. Just click the three dots near the wallet and select Move to Portfolios.

Transaction Notifications for Watchlist

By enabling transaction notifications, you can follow every activity made by the portfolios included in the Watchlist, including every buy, sell, swap, and transfer of coins.

Here is how to activate alerts. 👇🏻

  1. Log in and navigate to your wallet Watchlist

  2. Tap on the wallet you want to pick in the upper right corner

  3. Choose the wallet that you want to track

  4. Tap on the three dots

  5. Turn on Transaction Alerts by tapping on the toggle.

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