Step 1. Login to your Kraken account and click on your Name.

Step 2. Click on Security dropdown.

Step 3. Click on API.

Step 4. In API Key management click on Add key.

Step 5. Check Query Funds, Query Open Orders & Trades and Query Closed Orders & Trades checkboxes and click Generate Key button.

Step 6. Copy/Paste API key and Private key in corresponding fields in CoinStats and

click Submit.

QR code method:

If you choose to add Kraken to your portfolio in CoinStats using the QR code method

Click on the Show QR code button which is marked with a red rectangle in the screenshot above.

Scan the QR code presented by Kraken with CoinStats App on your mobile device and that's it, you have added Kraken to your CoinStats portfolio.

Please note that in Security settings 2FA for API keys is disabled by default, so If 2FA for API keys is not enabled manually then you are good to go.

Refer to support in case of further questions. Hope you'll enjoy!

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