Login to your Binance account and click Settings.

Then click the API Management button to create new API.

Now, label your API key with any label you'd like to (we recommend to use a separate API key for each service you use and label them accordingly).

After clicking Create it will ask for your Google Authenticator Code.

After inputting the code a confirmation email will be sent to you. Open your email from Binance and click the Confirm Create button.

Then you will see a screen like below with QR code, your API Key and Secret key.

Please make sure to copy/paste your Secret Key to a safe place, as it will only be displayed at the time it is created. If you lose this key, you will need to delete your API and set up a new one

Now go to CoinStats app Portfolio tab, swipe far to the right and click Connect Exchange. After that select Binance from the list.

Scroll down and cllick Scan QR Code and scan the QR code presented by Binance or enter your API Key and API Secret Manually.

After clicking Submit you will see your Binance portfolio synced with the CoinStats app.

Refer to support in case of further questions. Hope you'll enjoy!

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