CoinStats Wallet gives you the opportunity to hold/swap your coins with ease directly on our platform.

What can you do with CoinStats Wallet? Here's the list of the offered features:

  1. Manage all your DeFi and crypto assets from one place, one wallet.

  2. Buy crypto with your credit card.

  3. Swap as much as you want with zero extra fees!

  4. Track your holdings in different networks, such as Ethereum Mainnet, Binance Smart Chain, Bitcoin, Polygon, and Avalanche.
    Note: Those are the currently available networks, more coming in due course!

  5. Send your holdings to another wallet.

Now let's go over the Wallet creation process! Note that that CoinStats Wallet is not included in the portfolio count limit.

Let's go through the creation process 👇🏻

Creating a CoinStats Wallet

Note: At the moment, CoinStats Wallet creation is available for the mobile app only, but you can track your wallets on our web platform just like regular portfolios!

We've simplified the wallet creation process to provide a better user experience! Simply open the CoinStats app and log into your account. Tap on the wallet icon at the bottom of your screen.

Swipe through the tutorial that will pop up and tap on the Create Wallet button. You will then be prompted to create a PIN code for the wallet.

Note: The wallet PIN and the PIN for unlocking your app are different.

After you create the PIN, you can start using your brand new CoinStats Wallet!

What's Next?

Learn how to deposit with a credit card.

Learn how to swap.

Learn how to send to another wallet.

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