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What Is Premium Access, and What Extra Advantages Does It Have?
What Is Premium Access, and What Extra Advantages Does It Have?

In this article, you will find detailed information about Unlimited Premium Access and its features

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With CoinStats Premium, you'll get an unlimited amount of connected exchanges and wallets, with up to 1.000.000 tracked transactions.

On top of the above connection and transaction counts limits, the Premium plan offers the features listed below👇🏻

  • Auto Alerts - Get instant alerts on coins that jump/fall above 10% and get notified on new exchange listings, so you don't miss an opportunity!  

  • Order Fill Notifications - If you have open orders in the exchange, you can be instantly notified when your orders are filled. 

  • More detailed Portfolio Analytics - Track your investment actions in a much broader scope by viewing your total deposits, withdrawals, and total fees paid. 

  • Coin Insights - Get aggregated stats of portfolios and coins tracked using the CoinStats app, which helps understand if the majority is buying and selling the specific coin and use that as one of many trading signals!

  • Portfolio Export - You can export all your transactions to a CSV file! 

  • CoinStats Score - A special score assigned to coins based on their popularity in the CoinStats app. 

  • Prioritized Support - Get detailed answers to any questions regarding your portfolio, transaction history, profit/loss, and much more.

  • Access to all future features - We're working hard and releasing new features making your research, tracking, and trading easier every week. You'll get access to them first.

  • Ad-free experience

You can subscribe to CoinStats Premium plan both from our website and iOS/Android mobile apps. For more details about the purchase, please check this link.

Please, contact us via the email address if you have any further questions!

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