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What Are Saved Views and How to Set Them Up?
What Are Saved Views and How to Set Them Up?

In this article, you will find brief information on what are saved views and how to add/edit them.

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This feature of CoinStats allows you to make your Main page more useful and comfortable for your personalized use by editing and changing it manually.
With the Saved Views feature, you can create filters based on many criteria and always have easy access to them.
Adding New View allows you to change the columns of the Home page, e.g. instead of Name column, you're able to see the price column, or vice versa. You can change it with Market Cap, Highest Volume, Top Coins, and many others.

To do that follow the instructions below:


  • Go to the Live Price page

  • Click on the plus sign as shown in the screenshot below πŸ‘‡πŸ»

  • Select a new column from the list that you want to see on your Live Prices page (e.g. Price Graph)


  • Click on the Market Cap on the Main Page

  • Then click on the Add New button

You're also able to add Filters for any saved view editing Property, Condition, and Value.

One more advantage is that there is no limitation for the Saved Views.

Please contact us via the email address if you have any further questions. 🧑

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