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What Are CoinStats Insights?
What Are CoinStats Insights?

In this article, you'll learn what CoinStats Insights are and how they are calculated.

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CoinStats Insights are aggregated stats of portfolios and coins tracked using the CoinStats app.

To find the insights, you'll need to go to the cryptocurrencies page, click on the specific coin and select the Overview tab on the web, and to the Main tab on the app, click on the specific coin, and scroll down.



We show four types of insights👇🏻

  • How many CoinStats users hold a specific coin

This insight shows the percentage of specific cryptocurrency or token holders in all CoinStats portfolios. This helps to understand the overall popularity of a coin.

  • Where do CoinStats users hold a specific coin

Shows the coin distribution between CoinStats synced wallets and exchanges.

  • What is the coin dominance in the CoinStats portfolio

Shows the dominance of a specific coin in Coinstats portfolios in USD (or another fiat currency). This will give our Premium users insights into how an average user manages his portfolio.

  • BTC trades today

This insight shows the distribution of buy/sell transactions of a coin in the last 24 hours and helps to understand if the majority is buying and selling the specific coin and use that as one of many trading signals.


CoinStats Insights show aggregated data from more than 1.5m CoinStats portfolios and does not contain any personal portfolio information of specific users. Before making any aggregation, we stripe off personal information from portfolios and transactions.

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