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In this article, you'll find information on what price notifications are and how to activate them.

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Price notifications are being fired if a coin in a user's portfolio or favorites is going up or down more than a specific % in the last 1 hour.

For example, a notification will fire to all Bitcoin holders if it goes up 5% or more during the last 1 hour. We're constantly adjusting percentages based on coin rank and volume to make notifications as helpful as possible.

These notifications are available for all CoinStats users and are active by default.

Mobile App

You can activate/deactivate your price notifications from the Alerts tab at the bottom of the screen. This will enable notifications for all the coins in your portfolio or favorites.
After enabling the alert, you can choose Low, Medium, or High sensitivity. For example, suppose you wish to get many notifications and always be up to date, even with minor changes. In that case, you can set the sensitivity to high so CoinStats can constantly notify you about the changes.

You can also enable/disable Significant Change Notifications for any specific coin you'd like from the respective coin's page, as presented in the images below:

You can switch on the Price Notifications in two ways on your mobile app: either from the Alerts tab or from the coin page, as shown on the below screenshots.


To activate/deactivate Price Notifications on the web, go to the Alerts page, switch on the Price Notifications, and set it to your preferred sensitivity, such as high, medium, or low.

Feel free to contact us from the in-app chat or at in case you have any questions. 🧑

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