24 Hour Report Explained
In this article, you will learn where to find your 24-Hour Report and how it is calculated.
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In the 24h Report tab, you will find some useful information on your portfolio from the last 24 hours.


  • Some data for your portfolio, such as your portfolio's current value, 24h change, and the top-performing coin.

  • Market overview with top 3 coins and their prices.

  • Top Volume (24h).

  • Top Gainers: coins that had the largest percentage-wise price increase in the past 24h.

  • Top Losers: coins that had the largest percentage-wise price decrease in the last 24h.

  • Top Exchanges: exchanges with the largest 24h Volume.

To find the 24h Report go to your CoinStats account and follow the instructions below.


Click on the More button (9 dots) and then click 24h Report.


In order to find the 24h Report on mobile, go to the Main page, click on the Show All Coins button, and then go to the 24h Report page.

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