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Reasons Why Swapping Might Not Work
Reasons Why Swapping Might Not Work

This article covers possible scenarios for which the swapping through CoinStats might fail.

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There are a few reasons why Swapping transactions through CoinStats might not go through:

  1. Not enough network fee: for swapping to happen, there is a need to pay fees with the native cryptocurrencies (Ethereum Network - ETH coin). The application gives you three options for gas fees - standard, fast and instant. If you choose the standard option, the swapping may take longer.

  2. Cannot get contract address: in case of this issue, don't hesitate to contact our customer support.

3. Cannot Estimate: the error means there is not enough liquidation for that exchange/pair. When the price difference is greater than the slippage tolerance, you will not be able to execute the swap. You have to increase the slippage percentage to swap the coins.

4. If you have not received confirmation messages from Metamask or Trust Wallet, the issue is not from the CoinStats app. Please reset and try again.

Please contact us via email address if you have any further questions. 🧡

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