To automatically connect your ByBit account to CoinStats with an API key, follow the steps below!

1. Log in to your ByBit account

2. Click your account on the top right, then API

3. Click Create New Key

4. Enable 2FA

5. Enter the name (ex. CoinStats)

6. Enable Read-Only permission

7. Then needed account permissions (SPOT account is mandatory)

8. Enable All IPs

9. Enter the 2FA code and click Confirm

10. Copy and paste your API Key and the API Secret Key into CoinStats (the separate instructions for Web and Mobile platforms described below).


Go to the Portfolio Tracker tab and click on Connect Portfolio.

Click on Connect Exchange, find ByBit in the list of exchanges, and click on it. Then paste your API Key and API Secret.


Go to the Portfolio tab, swipe far to the right to the new portfolio tab, and click select ByBit from the list. Enter the API Key and API Secret.

Note: The API key will expire in a month if created without restrictions. Also, if the ByBit account password has been changed, the API secret key will only be valid for a maximum of 7 days.

If you need further assistance, please reach us at [email protected] 🧡

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