The CoinStats Rewards program will allow you to earn ⚡️Sparks and then exchange them for a wide array of rewards. Here's how you can familiarize yourself with the program and earn your first Sparks. Let's take a tour!

To open up the CoinStats Rewards page, you need to log in and then click on the ⚡️Spark sign in the upper right corner.

To take a look at the quests you can complete, click the Quests tab on the left.

As you can see, there are many quests you can complete to earn ⚡️Sparks.

Here is the complete list of the quests:

  • Follow Coinstats’ Social Media Pages

  • Verify Your Email

  • Daily Sparks

  • Refer a Friend (Note: Only the first five monthly referrals are rewarded with Spark)

  • Swap $100+ on DeFi Wallet (Note: Get Sparks for your first 2 swaps daily or 10 swaps monthly)

  • Swap $100+ on CoinStats Wallet (Note: Get Sparks for your first 2 swaps daily or 10 swaps monthly)

  • Stake $1000 through CoinStats (Note: Get Sparks for staking once a month)

  • Deposit $500+ ( Note: Get Sparks for depositing once a month)

  • Send Crypto Gift (Note: Get Sparks for $50+ Crypto Gift)

  • Connect Exchange (Note: Get Sparks for 5 daily and 10 monthly exchange connections with a minimum balance of $100)

  • Connect Wallet (Note: Get Sparks for 5 daily and 10 monthly wallet connections with a minimum balance of $100)

If you click on the quest, it will take you to a respective page where you can complete the quest. You'll get a push notification as soon as you get the ⚡️Sparks you've earned. 👇

If you want to complete quests related to referring friends to CoinStats, you need to click the Referrals tab in the middle.

Below you'll see the referral link you can share on your social accounts or send to specific friends. If they sign up through that link and connect a portfolio or deposit into CoinStats Wallet, you'll earn ⚡️Sparks.

Once you've accumulated enough ⚡️Sparks, you can go ahead and click the Rewards tab on the right to pick something you like.

After you've picked the reward you want, just click on it, scroll down, and click the button below.

That's it! Our endlessly expanding list of rewards is waiting for your ⚡️Sparks. Hope you'll enjoy exploring CoinStats and getting prizes while at it.

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