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Can I Get a Lifetime Premium Subscription?
Can I Get a Lifetime Premium Subscription?

Learn about how to get a CoinStats Lifetime Premium subscription.

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Yes! You can purchase a CoinStats Lifetime Premium subscription with crypto.

The lifetime Premium can be activated on our website. To do so, go to the Pricing tab on the top, scroll down and click Buy Now.

Now you will be redirected to Coinbase. Enter customer details (name and the email address) and click Next.

You have two payment options, pay with Coinbase or send funds to the given wallet address. Click on the pay with Coinbase button and login into your account to pay from the Coinbase account. Click on the coin you wish to send funds to the given wallet.

Now send the required amount to the given wallet address and wait for confirmation.

Congrats! You have a CoinStats Lifetime Premium subscription!

Feel free to reach us at for further assistance. 🧡

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