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What Is Midas, and How Does CoinStats Midas Work?
What Is Midas, and How Does CoinStats Midas Work?

In this article, you will learn about Midas and CoinStats Midas notifications.

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Introduction to Midas

Midas is an on-chain data analytical tool that is sharpened to utilize the most ROI-positive investment strategies and maximize alpha signals for pro traders by aggregating the most profitable wallets and their buying activity packaged in a human-readable alert format delivered instantly. Midas constantly stalks on-chain activity data to maximize signal-to-noise ratio, so you don't have to go down that rabbit hole.

See Midas NFT alerts three months testing results below:

How Do CoinStats Midas NFT alerts work?

We are closely tracking all transactions going on via established aggregator smart contracts. If our highly efficient algorithm rates a wallet as one belonging to a "Smart trader," we start following that wallet's transactions and aggregating transactions, sending you alerts about the wallet's NFT purchases according to your preferences.

How Can I Use CoinStats Midas?

You will have the option to set conditions upon the fulfillment, of which you will immediately receive smart alerts. Since, in this market, every second matters, you will always seize the moment and take advantage of the best opportunities.

Why Are CoinStats Midas Alerts Better?

CoinStats Midas is completely unique. All currently available alert tools require you to add wallets manually. This way, you have to spend a lot of time and effort finding the wallets to follow and then get spammed with too many transaction alerts. Useful data gets hidden in the noise. In contrast, our system chooses killer wallets for you and updates the list. We also alert upon the immediate fulfillment of the conditions you set, which helps you act at the right time and improve your chances. After all, timing is everything in this market!

Why is Midas even MORE significant on our mobile platform?!

On our mobile platform, we moved even further by removing all unnecessary complexity and enabling Midas users to activate immediate alerts with pre-set conditions simply by flipping a switch.

  • Navigate to the Alert tab

  • Tap on the Midas

Switching between Mints and Purchases tabs, you can choose to get info about primary or secondary NFT markets only, finding meaning in noise.

How to activate Midas NFT alerts on Web?

1. Visit and click Setup Alert


2. Name the alert and select the delivery channel: Telegram or Discord


3. Click on Check How To Setup Webhook and follow the instructions.

Now scroll down the page and follow the below instructions to setup conditions for the alert:

  • Number of Smart Wallets: the default minimum amount of Smart Wallets for the alert to come is set to 3

    Minimum Total Value: default minimum value for the alert to come is set to 0 ETH

    Set the amount, and we'll alert you when the combined value of purchases exceeds the amount set.

    Exclude collections: Set collection names for Midas to ignore

  • Hit the Save button.


In case of any questions, feel free to reach us at πŸš€

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