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How to Redeem Crypto Gifts
How to Redeem Crypto Gifts

Learn how to redeem crypto gifts in this article.

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Hooray! You received a crypto gift. 🎁

To see your crypto gift, tap on the Redeem button.

Please note that you must accept the Gift from CoinStats via the CoinStats app. If you do not accept the Gift within 90 days, the Gift will expire and will not be returned to the Sender.

Once the Gift is claimed, it will get you to your CoinStats Wallet. If you don't have one, we'll instantly generate a CoinStats Wallet. If you're not signed in, clicking the redeem button will take you to create an account.

Please check out the Terms and Conditions for more information on crypto gifts.

Feel free to reach us at in case of any questions. πŸš€

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