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Earn on CoinStats

In this article, you will learn what CoinStats Earn is and how to take advantage of it.

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CoinStats Earn lets you generate passive income on long-term crypto holdings. You can now lend crypto on CoinStats and earn cryptocurrency in return. CoinStats allows you to stake your crypto assets and earn up to 20% APY on CoinStats. It's easy and quick! Let's get into the detailed steps on how to do it.


Start with opening the Earn page from the top More menu by tapping nine dots, then choose the Earn option.

Once you open the Earn page, click Start Earning button to proceed.

Scroll down to see the crypto yield calculator and all listed protocols. With the calculator, you can input your desired criteria and pre-calculate your possible earnings.

We currently support mStable, Yearn, and Lido protocols; more will be listed soon! Scroll down to see how to find them.

To Deposit your coins, select one of the available protocols.
On the right side of the page, you can see a widget. You should connect your DeFi wallet, select the coin under the Fund tab, adjust the balance, and tap on the Deposit button.

Once connecting a wallet, you might see that a specific wallet can have Disabled status. In this case, you should go back to the Earn page and change the chain.


Let's check the same steps for the Mobile app. To access the Earn page, click on the Portfolio tab and tap on the three dots in the top right corner, and select Earn.

Now select the protocol, select the coin to deposit in, and click on the Deposit button.

Click on the top of the page to connect your DeFi wallet. Select the coin, and adjust the balance. Tap on the Deposit button. Then select Gas Settings and confirm the Smart Contract Call by tapping on Submit button.

If you connected your CoinStats Wallet, please fill out your CoinStats Wallet PIN to proceed.

You can also withdraw (un-stake) your funds in case of need. To do that, follow the same steps mentioned above and choose Withdraw option to proceed.

In case of any questions, feel free to reach us at 🧑

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