1. Research

With more than 1400 cryptocurrencies available and detailed information about them you can easily make investment decisions.

You can check the Twitter, Website, Reddit of the cryptocurrency, check the Markets they are being trading on, trading volume, cap etc etc

With the Saved Views feature available on the Hamburger menu in Home screen you can create Filters based on many factors for having them in front of you always.

2. Track

Check the realtime prices and price changes of over 1400 cryptocurriences in more than 50 exchanges, set price Alerts and add to Favorites for quicker access for the currencies you keep an eye on.

3. Portfolio

With Coin Stats app you can track your currency cryptocurrency portfolio, its changes, profit/loss and check your net worth daily.

We support 3 main types of portfolios

  • Manual entry portfolio

With this type of portfolio you can add your buy/sell transactions with your trading exchange/pair into multiple portfolios to checkout your progress and net worth growth over time.

  • Wallet portfolio

You can link your wallet to Coin Stats app and it will automatically populate all the coins you have in the wallet and track its changes over time.

For example, if you have Ethereum wallet with ETH and a lot of Ethereum based tokens in it, you can link that to Coin Stats and check daily how much your wallet worth.
For more information on how to link your Ethereum wallet to Coin Stats app visit here.

  • Exchange portfolio

If you have some cryptocurrencies kept in exchange and do day to day trading you can link your exchange account to Coin Stats for real-time balance changes to be tracked. For more information on how to add an exchange account to Coin Stats, visit here.

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